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Dive Into the New Age of Security Solutions

Our Services

Scaffolding Security Solutions - ScaffWatch90

  • Built in camera for visual verification

  • Zero false alarms

  • Video clip recorded and stored on a cloud server

  • Coverage upto 15m per device

  • Siren & Strobe upon alarm activation

  • Wirelessly linked to our 24/7 monitoring station

  • User specific access for user identification

  • Alarm response team optional

Scaffold Alarm
Site Security

Construction Site Security Solutions

  • Fully monitored 24/7

  • View your site remotely anytime on your mobile

  • Industry leading cameras

  • All surveillance is recorded and can be used as evidence

  • Pan and tilt cameras available

  • Can be integrated with sensors for more protection

  • Proven more cost effective than manned guarding

  • Nationwide installation service

Manned Response & Keyholding

  • Sia Approved Security Experts

  • Rapid response time

  • Around the clock service

  • Real-time incident reports

  • 24-hour manned control room

CCTV Towers

Rapid Deployment - SiteWatch360

  • 4 x infra-red twin detection sensors for 360 degree detection

  • HD quality images

  • False alarm filtering

  • High intensity warning system with 110db sounders

  • Anti-masking sensors

  • Signal jamming protection

  • Infra-red backlight for night mode images

  • 2-way encrypted Images to our 24hr manned control room

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