What is SSAIB?

SSAIB - Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (UK) Is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems, fire detection, alarm systems, telecare systems, manned services, and monitoring services.

What does SSAIB mean for me?

All our systems are designed, installed, maintained, and repaired to the SSAIB Code of practice SS2006 (alarm systems intended to detect unauthorised access to scaffolding)and signal alarm conditions to a NSI Gold Approved ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) complying with BS EN 50518. This scheme is recognised by insurers and SSAIB is accredited to operate it by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Why choose a SSAIB certified scaffold alarm installer?

All our scaffold alarm systems are insurance approved and an Insurance Approved Compliance Certificate can be provided (upon request) to pass on to your insurance provider to ensure adequate insurance is kept in place. Failure to use a SSAIB certified may result in insurance cover becoming null and void

Why should I have a scaffold alarm for my site?

With Scaffolding alarms becoming more in demand due to theft’s, insurance claims and personal injury, clients are beginning to recognise that securing the scaffolding is a key priority in today’s society. Not only does the alarm protect the building from theft of expensive materials, but also has the increased benefit of health and safety. Security – Easy access to valuable assets inside buildings and other external area’s such as roofs and adjoining properties. Health & Safety – Children & Adult members of the public climbing the scaffolding with high potential for falls leading to injury or loss of life. ​ Insurance & Liability – Building & Contents cover may be void or increased significantly while the scaffolding is in place without additional protection.

Should I let my insurance company know that I am having scaffolding erected?

Yes, you should always contact your insurer to make them aware. You should include a schedule of the dates the scaffold will be erected, a schedule of the duration period the scaffold will be in place and what areas you are intending to alarm. When scaffolding is erected and a scaffold alarm hasn't been installed, the current insurance policies in place can become null and void. Upon request we can issue you with an Insurance Approved Compliance Certificate to pass on to your insurance provider to ensure adequate insurance is kept in place.​

What area on my scaffolding should be alarmed?

As a minimum requirement the SSAIB Code of Practice SS2006 stipulates that the entire first vulnerable level of scaffolding is fully protected by the way of Infrared Photoelectric Beam Sensors and Dual Tech PIRs, this includes the ends of the scaffolding. However depending on the size, shape and other factors including flat roofs, neighbouring high walls etc additional sensors maybe required for complete protection.

What equipment is used?

Our Scaffold Alarm systems are designed specifically for outdoor use. These systems can be either hard wired or completely wireless and battery operated, and both can be secured on site within 24 hours. All security systems are manned 24/7 by a NSI Gold Alarm Recieving Centre Our Scaffold Alarm Systems are split between 2 categories: Hard Wired Scaffold Alarms system & Wire Free Video Verified Systems. Hard Wired Systems: These systems comprise of Quad Active Point to Point Infrared Photoelectric Sensors, Dual Tech PIRs, 110db Sirens, LED Keypads & Main Powered Control Panels. Wire Free Video Verified Systems: These systems are solely powered by lithium batteries with a battery life expectancy of between 3-4 years. These systems consist of Battery Powered Motion Viewers, Battery Powered 100db Sirens, Battery Powered Keypads & Battery Powered Control Panels.

Where are sensors installed?

Sensors are usually installed at the first vulnerable lift of scaffolding creating an active alarmed perimeter around the building or structure. When required, sensors can also be installed near low roof areas where these pose potential intrusion routes.

Will we get many false activations?

Our systems are designed specifically for outdoor use and as a result are virtually immune to false alarms usually caused by wildlife, bad weather and loose construction materials.

What happens when an alarm activates?

Once an alarm activation is triggered, an external sounder (siren) or tanoy will sound instantaneously for a duration of 90 seconds - 15min (dependent on client’s specification), simultaneously a grade 2 encryption DualCom signalling device will send an intrusion signal to a NSI Gold Approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) complying with BS EN 50518 whom in turn contact the designated key holders. (Minimum of 2 required), once signalling is complete the alarm system will restore and re-arm automatically, the system will record the date & time of activation.

How is the alarm secured to prevent tampering?

The Scaffold Alarm System shall be designed, installed, maintained, and repaired to the SSAIB Code of practice SS2006 (alarm systems intended to detect unauthorised access to scaffolding) and signal alarm conditions to a NSI Gold Approved ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) complying with BS EN 50518 in the event of a tamper/cable breakage the scaffold alarm system shall trigger an alarm. The battery backup shall last for a minimum of 10 hours with the same amount of time to fully recharge.

How do we arm/disarm the system?

There are 2 options regarding arming/disarming. Firstly an onsite keypad allows site supervisor to disarm the device when workers are present. The supervisor then can set the alarm at the end of the day and on weekends when scaffolding is unattended. Secondly, the system can be scheduled, this enables the system automatically arming and disarming during specific set periods thoughout the week. PLEASE NOTE It is the responsibility of the client’s supervisor and/or site staff to arm & disarm the system.

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