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Changing the way you view scaffold Alarms with ScaffWatch90

Scaffold Alarm

Protect your scaffolding from unwanted intruders with our visual verification scaffold alarms. Our unique visual verification system has the ability to take a video clip when a sensor is triggered, this is then reviewed by our 24/7 control room to determin the cause of the activation, saving many man hours responding to false alarms.

Scaffolding provides an ideal entry route into a property which intruders may take advantage of. This is why scaffolding alarms are becoming a necessity in todays society. Not only do they protect the building from theft of expensive materials, they’re a useful deterrent.

Scaffolding is also a valuable asset to any construction company, but unfortunately, it is often the target of criminals too. Thieves are known to break-in to unsecured sites and strip the scaffolding to sell for a profit. Aside from the loss of a valuable assets, unqualified alterations of a scaffolding also puts you and your employees in danger of serious injury.

Some insurance companies are declaring insurance policies void while scaffolding is erected due to the changes of access and egress points scaffolding creates. This can be rectified with an insurance approved scaffold alarm installation.

We believe that presentation and experience are key when installing scaffold alarms, an incorrectly fitted alarm system is as bad as not having an alarm at all. Therefore, all our scaffold alarm equipment is of the highest standard using only the latest in outdoor technology.

Scaffold Alarm
Scaffold Alarms

Each sensor provides  a coverage area of up to 15m. Upon activation, a siren will sound, and a strobe light will flash to alert intruders, all our installations have large, clear & clean warning signs informing any opportunists that the scaffold is protected.

With up to 100 devices per a single control panel, this enables the ability to cover substantial scaffoldings.
This is a low cost and more effective alternative to manned guards, not only providing video evidence of the event but the system cannot be open to corruption and fraud.

In addition, there’s up to a three-year battery life on all security system components. Batteries are changed at no extra cost and the system alerts us before they fail. 

Our scaffold alarms are wirelessly linked to our 24/7 NSI Gold monitoring station, with the option for manned response available.

All our security systems can be easily extended at any time, whether it’s additional keypads, sensors or sirens.

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