Scaffolding can be a hazardous playground for children and isan ideal means of entry for intruders. The simple installation of a scaffold alarm, specifically manufactured for scaffolding purposes, not only aids in protecting your site from potential thefts but also protects members of the public from potential serious injury, increasing health and safety measures.

Scaffold is also a valuable asset to any construction company, but unfortunately, it is often the target of criminals too. Thieves are known to break-in to unsecured sites and strip the scaffolding to sell for a profit. Aside from the loss of a valuable asset, having thieves tamper with your scaffolding also puts you and your employees in danger of serious injury and a vulnerable state as far as health and safety is concerned.

Contractors, clients, architects & insurance providers are beginning to recognise that securing the scaffolding is a key priority in today’s society.

We believe that presentation and experience are key when installing scaffold alarms, an incorrectly fitted alarm system is as bad as not having an alarm at all. Sensors should be installed in the most effective positions available to catch intruders.

Our Scaffold Alarm systems are designed specifically for outdoor use. These systems can be either hard wired or completely wireless and battery operated, and both can be secured on site within 24 hours. All security systems are manned 24/7 by a NSI Gold Alarm Recieving Centre.

It’s never been harder for an intruder to avoid detection!

Sirens/Tanoys should be installed at sensible heights and every scaffold alarm installation should have large, clear & clean warning signs informing any opportunists that the scaffold is protected.

With the advancement in technology both in microelectronics and lithium batteries, wireless battery powered scaffold alarms give the opportunity to not only detect the intrusion but also the provision of confirmation and video evidence.
The system has built in GSM which allows the connection to a cloud based server for video transmission. This video is then sent to a Grade 2 alarm transmission system using CSL Technology complying with BS EN 50136.

With up to 25 devices per a single control panel, providing the ability to cover substantial scaffoldings.

This is a low cost and more effective alternative to manned guards, not only providing video evidence of the event but the system cannot be open to corruption and fraud.

In addition, there’s a four-year battery life on all security system components. Batteries are changed at no extra cost and the system alerts us before they fail. The absence of cables, plus our ability to review video footage from any camera, confirms not only that an intruder as been on site, but how they gained entry and what they may have been doing.

Insurance Compliance

Meet Compliance and risk mitigation by having Scaff Security install your scaffold alarm system.

Be reassured that the external security is SSAIB Code of Practice SS2006 compliant, insurance approved, and supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.