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Scaffolding alarms are now becoming a necessity due to theft’s, insurance claims and personal injury.


Contractors, clients, architects & insurance providers are beginning to recognise that securing the scaffolding is a key priority in today’s society.

Not only does the alarm protect the building from theft of expensive materials, but more importantly it’s a useful deterrent to warn off unwanted intruders and opportunists, this is because scaffolding provides an ideal route into your property that intruders can take advantage of, with the added benefit of increased health and safety measures.

We believe that presentation and experience are key when installing scaffold alarms, we believe that a poorly fitted alarm system is as bad as not having an alarm at all. Sensors and beams should be installed in the most effective positions available to catch intruders.

This is why all of our Scaffold Alarm equipment is of the highest standard, using only the latest in Infrared Photoelectric Beam Sensors and Dual Tech PIRs it’s never been more difficult for an intruder to avoid detection.

Sirens should be installed at sensible heights and every scaffold alarm installation should have large, clear & clean warning signs informing any opportunists that the scaffold is protected.

The systems we use are dependent on the type of installation required.


We currently supply 4 systems designed specifically for scaffolding's built around your needs



  • ENHANCED SECURITY SYSTEM (24/7 NSI Gold Monitoring)

  • WIRE-FREE SECURITY SYSTEM (24/7 Video Verified NSI Gold Monitoring - NO FALSE ACTIVATION'S)

All the above systems come with a Remote Keypad, these systems are easier to use and more advanced technology than the standard analogue systems.

Our systems are fully monitored and have many additional features, for example;

  • Mains power failure

  • Siren & Strobe upon alarm activation

  • Linked to a NSI Gold Approved BS 5979 (Cat II) Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

  • Grade 2 alarm transmission system using CSL Dual-Com Technology complying with BS EN 50136.

  • User specific codes for user identification

  • Proximity tags for increased security

  • Weekly log reports.

All our security systems can be extended at any time, whether it’s an external keypad or additional sensors due to scaffold adaptations.

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