Why should I have a scaffold alarm for my site?

With Scaffolding alarms becoming more in demand due to theft’s, insurance claims and personal injury, clients are beginning to recognise that securing the scaffolding is a key priority in today’s society.

Not only does the alarm protect the building from theft of expensive materials, but also has the increased benefit of health and safety.

  • Security – Easy access to valuable assets inside buildings and other external area’s such as roofs and adjoining properties.

  • Health & Safety – Children & Adult members of the public climbing the scaffolding with high potential for falls leading to injury or loss of life.

  • Insurance & Liability – Building & Contents cover may be void or increased significantly while the scaffolding is in place without additional protection.

Should I let my insurance company know that I am having scaffolding erected?

Yes, you should always contact your insurer to make them aware. You should include a schedule of the dates the scaffold will be erected, a schedule of the duration period the scaffold will be in place and what areas you are intending to alarm.

When scaffolding is erected and a scaffold alarm hasn't been installed, the current insurance policies in place can become null and void. Upon request we can issue you with an Insurance Approved Compliance Certificate to pass on to your insurance provider to ensure adequate insurance is kept in place.

What area on my scaffolding should be alarmed?

As a minimum requirement the NCP 115 code stipulates that the entire first vulnerable level of scaffolding is fully protected by the way of Infrared Photoelectric Beam Sensors and Dual Tech PIRs, this includes the ends of the scaffolding. However depending on the size, shape and other factors including flat roofs, neighbouring high walls etc additional sensors maybe required for complete protection.


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