Scaffold Alarm Systems generally comprise of Quad Active Point to Point Infrared Photoelectric Sensors & Dual Tech PIRs.


Sensors are installed at the first vulnerable lift of scaffolding creating an active alarmed perimeter around the building or structure.


Sensors have been specifically designed for external outdoor use and as a result are virtually immune to false alarms usually caused by wildlife, bad weather and loose construction materials.


Once an alarm activation is triggered, a 110db Siren will sound instantaneously for a duration of 2min - 15min (dependent on client’s specification), simultaneously to this a grade 2 encryption DualCom signalling device will send a signal to an UKAS Approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) complying with BS EN 50518 which in turn contacts the designated key holder.   


The alarm will reset and re-arm automatically after the predetermined period. It will record the date & time of any activity that caused activation.


An onsite keypad allows the supervisor to disarm the device when workers are present. The supervisor then can set the alarm at the end of the day and on weekends when scaffolding is unattended.


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