Fire Detection



The risk of fire on a Scaffolding, Construction Sites or Vacant Property is always a concern. The combination of exposed materials and working tools can increase the chance of a fire starting. Add to that the fact that whole areas of a large site may not have people present to spot a fire, and the need for an effective fire alarm system is clear.

We install everything you need to alert you to any fire on your sites, and to reduce the risk to any workers onsite at the time.


Our wireless battery powered Smoke Sensors gives the opportunity to detect the Fire without the need for a Mains Power Supply with up to 25 devices per control panel, providing the ability to cover substantial areas.

Our fire point units are a great option for raising the alarm in an open space where automated detection may not be so effective. These self-contained units act as both push button alarm point, and as audio & visual alert.

in the event of fire detection the sensors will activate an alarm which is signaled to a NSI Gold Approved BS 5979 (Cat II) Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

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