> Battery Operated
    > 110db Sounder & Strobe
    > Bright Red Colour for Easy Recognition
    > Link Up To 25 Call Points
    > Solid Tough ABS Plastic Construction
    > Resettable Push Button
    > SSAIB Certified Company

  Key Features                       

Whether its on Scaffolding, Construction Sites or Vacant Property's The risk of a fire could not only damage the entire project but could also result in serious injury or even death to employees or members of the public.

Installing Fire Call Points to your site will not stop any fires from starting but could be instrumental in the safe evacuation of yourself and your employees.

Upon discovering a fire, its never advisable to tackle the fire yourselves, unless its to gain access to a fire evacuation route and its safe to do so. we recommend anyone who finds the fire first, go straight to the nearest call point, press the button and activate the sounder & siren to alert others of the danger.

We recommend at least one Fire Call Point should be fitted to every entry and exit route.

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